A former high-ranking FBI leader has turned on his former bosses, calling out both the contemptible Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama.

He is speaking out about the damage that both have done to the law enforcement community over the past six years.

Ron Hosko, the former FBI Assistant Director and current President of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, wrote a letter to Obama that was obtained by Townhall’s Katie Pavlich.

“The hyper-politicization of justice issues has made it immeasurably more difficult for police officers to simply do their jobs. The growing divide between the police and the people – perhaps best characterized by protesters in Ferguson, Mo., who angrily chanted, “It’s not black or white. It’s blue!” – only benefits members of a political class seeking to vilify law enforcement for other societal failures. This puts our communities at greater risk, especially the most vulnerable among us,” Hosko wrote in the letter.

“Your attorney general, Eric Holder, is chief among the antagonists. During his tenure as the head of the Department of Justice, Mr. Holder claims to have investigated twice as many police and police departments as any of his predecessors. Of course, this includes his ill-timed decision to launch a full investigation into the Ferguson Police Department at the height of racial tensions in that community, throwing gasoline on a fire that was already burning. Many officers were disgusted by such a transparent political maneuver at a time when presidential and attorney general leadership could have calmed a truly chaotic situation.”

As the letter notes, Holder has sent DOJ officials and FBI agents to Ferguson to “investigate” the Ferguson Police Department.  In reality they are merely intimidating, harassing, and putting the Ferguson officers in danger.  Obama made it clear in a recent secret meeting with Ferguson protest leaders that he supported them, and encouraged them to “stay the course.”

“It won’t be long before the American people turn their attention to other matters. Long after Ferguson is forgotten, police officers across America will still remember the way their senior federal executives turned their back on them with oft-repeated suggestions that race-based policing drives a biased, broken law enforcement agenda,” Hosko continued.

“As we move forward with the selection and confirmation of a new attorney general, I ask that you personally reengage with the law enforcement community of dedicated and valiant men and women across the country, serving at every level of government. With two years remaining in your presidency, you have an urgent responsibility to correct damage inflicted upon law enforcement and help mend the rift between police and those they protect. The Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund will be happy to support any such discussions.”

Former FBI Assistant Director Hosko is absolutely right, and he should be commended for making such a brave stand in the face of this corrupt administration.

Eric Holder has proven to be utterly worthless as an Attorney General and has done a great disservice to the Department of Justice.

He has willingly bent and broken the law in order to clear the way for Obama’s radical progressive agenda, and for that, he should be in prison.

He shouldn’t be locked in a cell by himself though, as Obama himself is just as corrupt and complicit in the lawlessness that has reigned under his administration.

Obama should be placed in the cell right next to his good friend Holder.


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