Four arrested in Paris terror attacks probe including Muslim convert police officer


(Pam Gellar) A Muslim policeman – a convert no less. There you have it.

Four more held — tell us again about how this was a lone wolf attack. There are no wolf wolves in the global jihad.

“Four held over links to paris kosher store gunman”, FRANCE 24, 09 Mar 2015 (thanks to TMI)

Four people, including a policewoman, were being questioned on Monday in connection with the January terror attacks in Paris, reports said. Those arrested are believed to be acquaintances of Jewish store gunman Amedy Coulibaly.

Four people, believed to have links to Amedy Coulibaly the gunman who killed four people at a Jewish store, were being questioned by police on Monday, according to reports in the French media.

The four are said to be friends with Amedy Coulibaly, who killed four people at a Jewish supermarket and a policewoman during the January 7-9 attacks.

Europe 1 radio reported that one of those detained was a policewoman posted at Rosny-sous-Bois just outside paris who converted to Islam two years ago.

She was suspended from her duties in early February.

Paris jihadist

She was detained along with her boyfriend, a man said to have been close to Coulibaly and who is also wanted on separate drug charges.

Phone records indicate he was in close proximity to Coulibaly shortly before the attack on the supermarket.

Le Canard Enchaine, a weekly paper, said the man may have had access to his girlfriend’s police barracks at Rosny.

No details have yet been released on the other two people detained.

Four other people were held for questioning at the end of January, suspected of providing arms and vehicles to Coulibaly.

Others — including Coulibaly’s girlfriend Hayat Boumeddiene — are thought to have fled to Syria.

Two people have also been charged over their links to the Kouachi brothers who carried out the shootings at the Charlie Hebdo magazine in the same week, leaving 12 dead.

Fritz-Joly Joachin was arrested in Bulgaria and Cheikhou Diakhaby was detained in Turkey — both believed to be on route to Syria, and extradited back to France.

For those that counter that a Muslim policeman was shot in the Hebdo jihad, remember, the Muslim shooters didn’t know the cop they shot was Muslim.

HyperCacher-hostages-Paris Jewish victim of Muslim Paris attack

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