Four Revelations From VA Aduit Show Its Worse Than We Could Ever Imagine


The VA scandal that rocked the nation 3 weeks ago has slowly been revealing more information as the Veteran Affairs audit has been made public. The audit covered more than 700 facilities, and revealed the issues are far more widespread and problematic than the White Previously led us to believe.

The audit which was reported by NBC News, specifically examined the number of veterans who were denied vital care, and who were placed on death lists or ‘waiting lists’ as they call them. These four findings reveal that the Department of Vetrean Affairs is in extremely poor operating condition and it will only get worse.

  1. Thirteen percent of scheduling staff reported that they were instructed by supervisors to enter a date in the appointment books that were different than what the veteran had requested.
  2. There are more than 57,000 veterans across the country who are facing a wait of three months or more for care at V.A. hospitals and clinics.
  3. Almost 64,000 veterans who have asked for an appointment at the V.A. over the past decade have not been seen.
  4. The V.A. planned to scrap a two-week goal for scheduling appointments because of “growing demand for services and lack of planning for resource requirements.”

Excerpted from IJReview:

NBC also reports that federal investigators are looking into allegations that 37 whistleblowers within the V.A. were retaliated against. Twenty-one Republican and Democratic Senators have sent a letter to the Department of Justice, requesting an inquiry into criminal wrongdoing within the department.

Let’s hope our elected officials keep the pressure on federal officials to right any wrongs that our veterans have suffered through. We owe it to our military.

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