He’s outnumbered, outmuscled and overpowered, but for some reason he keeps talking trash.

Until he can no longer breathe.

A video posted to YouTube Sunday shows a brutal Saturday night beatdown in Albuquerque’s central entertainment district.

As the video starts, an unidentified man is being held by a group of men, at least some of whom are bouncers, according to the video poster, who wrote:

I avoid downtown on party nights because it gets nasty down there. As I walk down the street to get my friend, I see this. A bouncer kicking a guys head and the other stands on his neck. I got the bouncer off his neck, only after I explained that he would kill the guy if he continued to stand on his neck. What is wrong with people?

Bizarrely, the man seems to recover enough to get involved in another altercation which was also captured on video, and he goes limp once again after being attacked by a much bigger, shirtless man


Police are now searching for the men involved in the assault.

“Off the cuff, it’s a straight-up felony,” Albuquerque Police spokesman Simon Drobik told TheBlaze on Sunday, speaking of the bouncer who kicked the man in the head. “It looked like [the victim] went unconscious, he got knocked so hard.”

Drobik confirmed that police had seen the video of the bouncers’ assault, and urged the men involved to come forward.

“You need to come talk to us, or we’ll come find you,” Drobik said.

Drobik said police had been dispatched to the scene Saturday night, but were still looking for the bouncers as well as the victim, who was not at the scene when police arrived.

Drobik urged anyone with information on the incident to call (505)242-COPS

Courtesy of The Blaze

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