CANCELLED: Huge Shakedown At Fox! Look Who Just Got Axed – Time For A Boycott!

Fox News has been handing out red slips over this past week, and it appears they are not finished quite yet. After the stunning news that longtime host Bill O’Reilly had received the ax many have wondered who was next on the chopping block. Well, it seems that we do not have to look much further. Another popular Fox News host may have just received their walking papers and it is a big one.

Judge Jeanine is extremely popular for no holds bar attitude and refreshing take on politics. And, it’s because of those qualities, that Judge Jeanine quickly became a household name. The network took notice and offered the Judge Jeanine her own show that was called “You the Jury” and it aired on Friday nights. However, when fans went to watch the show this Friday night all they found was a rerun of “Lethal Weapon.”

According to Truth Monitor:

The controversial courtroom reality television show premiered on April 7, and episode one included audience members voting via text message on whether or not a man was guilty of killing missing Maryland woman Robyn Gardner.


Only 1.5 million viewers tuned in to watch the premiere episode, and that number dropped to 1.2 the following week. Fox had been advertising episode three of “You The Jury,” which featured the story of Memories, a pizzeria in Indiana that refused to cater for the same-sex wedding.

When reached for comment, Alexandra Gillespie, director of communications at Fox, said the television series has been “replaced” in the schedule.

Of course, fans noticed that the show was not on and immediately went on to social media to ask why the show was pulled.

Of course, there are many possibilities of why the show was pulled, including technical difficulties.

Independent Journal Review, reportedly spoke with the director of communications, Alexandra Gillespie, at Fox, who said the television series has been “replaced” in the schedule:

“’You the Jury’ has been replaced with encores of ‘Lethal Weapon.’”

Of course, this begs all sorts of questions that we should be given the answers to. It seems on the surface that this show may have just been pulled simply because of low ratings. However, considering what just happened to Bill O’Reilly, I find it to be highly suspicious. The left is foaming at the mouth to take down conservative news journalists, and they won’t stop. The left is determined to silence the opposition in order to continue their disgusting narrative. So, it is extremely plausible that this is another hit job done by the left and George Soros to quiet those who are a threat.

At the moment the network has not responded if this is a permanent cancellation or answered any questions to why the show was dropped.

Lucky though for Judge Jeanie she still does have her weekly show on Fox News. What do you think about this? Is this a vindictive stunt or was the show simply pulled because of low ratings?

Let us know in the comments below!

H/T [ Truth Monitor ]

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