Fox News Host FIRED After She Said This About Trump… Then Dropped A BOMB on Obama!

Would you believe we live in a world where supporting Donald Trump is enough to get a Fox-affiliate fired?

GrubHub’s CEO made headlines in telling his pro-Trump employees to quit their jobs, but you wouldn’t think those in the media would be so irresponsible. Especially over political views that people address in private.

For all the liberal whining about how “scared” they are about living in Trump’s America, being a Trump supporter is more dangerous than being gay, Muslim, Hispanic, etc. Liberals are the violent ones – not Trump supporters.

As the Daily Mail reported:

A television reporter in Houston was fired from her job on Thursday after she posted overtly political posts on her Facebook page celebrating the election of Donald Trump and the end of Barack Obama’s presidency.

Scarlett Fakhar, a reporter for KRIV Fox 26 Houston, thanked her supporters on social media after she informed them that her bosses had dismissed her ‘for expressing my conservative views on my private Facebook page’, according to the Dallas Morning News.

The station is an affiliate of the Fox television network.

Fox 26 representatives confirmed on Friday that Fakhar is no longer with the station.

The 25-year-old television journalist became the subject of controversy last week after she had announced on her personal Facebook page that she was ‘happy and relieved’ that Trump had won.

Yup. That’s really all it took. She didn’t make a racist or bigoted comment. She didn’t say anything sexist about Hillary. She simply said she was happy that Donald Trump won.

‘I prayed for the best leader that will turn this country that has become more violent and racist under the Obama administration than ever … into the America I once knew’ she wrote in the now deleted post. And she’s right. Under Barack Obama’s Presidency, race relations have hit the lowest point since 1992, which is when the L.A. race riots occurred. Certainly the anti-police rhetoric and pandering to groups like Black Lives Matter didn’t help.

She also made a comment that is objectively true and requires no more than twelve seconds of research, that “‘I hate to say it … but the number of African Americans killing one another far outweighs the number of them being killed by whites.” Naturally, idiots interpreted this comment as “racist.”

Here’s her post in full:

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