Leave it to Fox News to ask the questions no one in the mainstream media will.

No matter how uncomfortable it might make White House press secretary Josh Earnest.

Fox News chief White House correspondent Ed Henry did just that on Wednesday when he pressed Earnest about how President Barack Obama could claim to be against CIA “torture” while appointing two of the men who approved those enhanced interrogation techniques to important positions within his own administration.

“Following up on John’s questioning about (CIA Director) John Brennan, you also have as the FBI chief, James Comey, who served in the Bush Justice Department and helped endorse the legal memo, a legal memo blessing water boarding and other enhanced techniques,” Henry said during the White House press conference.

“How could the president appoint John Brennan and James Comey to two of the most sensitive jobs in the administration, CIA and FBI, if he believes they endorsed un-American tactics?” Henry wanted to know.

As usual, Earnest provided a lot of words, but no answer.

“Well, Ed, I can tell you that Mr. Comey falls in the same category as Mr. Brennan, in terms of somebody whose advice the president is pleased that he can rely on to keep the country safe,” Earnest said.

“Mr. Comey is somebody that does have a strong track record and there have been other instances, even in his service in the previous administration, where he stood up for and advocated for important civil liberties protections,” he added.

Henry and Earnest then spoke over each other for a moment or two, before Henry tried once again — unsuccessfully — to get Earnest to address Obama’s obvious hypocrisy on the subject of torture and these two appointees.

“So you don’t see any contradiction between them endorsing the policies that the President is attacking and they now serve in two of the most sensitive jobs?” Henry asked.

That’s a simple yes or no question, obviously.

But Earnest wasn’t about to give a simple yes or no answer.

In fact he didn’t really give much of an answer at all, instead basically stating that the president has confidence in Comey and Brennan and is “pleased with their service.”

Very informative, given that if that were not true, they would have already been asked to resign.

You can watch the full exchange here, courtesy of Fox News:

So Earnest’s answer told Henry, and therefore the American people, nothing that they didn’t already know before.

Par for the course for this most transparent of administrations.

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