Fox News Reporter Blows Up Hillary’s Plan To Get Illegal Aliens To Vote For Her! (VIDEO)

Almost every poll in the mainstream media has indicated that Hillary Clinton is in the lead of the presidential election by a substantial amount. Depending on the poll, she is in the lead by 5-10%. However, some have questioned those polls and considered them bias.

Many have long argued the mainstream media is in the pocket of the Democratic Party. Which was confirmed by the emails leaks of the Democratic National Committee. As such, numerous constituents do not trust any polls. Considering the evidence of Hillary Clinton rallies being up played to make it appear as though more people are attending than are people have reason to wonder.

Especially considering how Donald Trump rallies are downplayed and often ignored in the media. When they are often packed audiences. A recent Fox News segment shows a surprising point about this issue.

Watch the video below,

Lou Dobbs is a reporter for Fox News and spoke out about Hillary Clinton’s campaign on a live segment of the show. He spoke about her directive, “Mi Sueno, Tu Voto.” In English this translate to, “My Dream, Your Vote.” The purpose of this directive is to appeal o the so called, “Dreamers.” The people most affected by the DREAM Act were illegal immigrants and their children.

Which means she is pretty much flatly calling for illegal immigrants to vote for her. Absolutely shameful. If she has to target illegal immigrants who do not even have citizenship what does that say about the American public? She does not think Americans will vote for her so she targets illegal aliens.

This is just another example of many conservatives argument that the Democrats facilitate illegal immigrants to vote in federal and state elections in order to illegally boost their numbers. This is a criminal act.

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