Fox News Set To Dump Megyn Kelly And Look Who Will Replace Her

Megyn Kelly of Fox News and Donald Trump have had a tumultuous relationship. After he made derogatory comments about her following one of the debates she moderated a media firestorm ensued when he insinuated she was a bad reported because she was on her period. Despite the quiet of the storm Newt Gingrich renewed the fight for Donald Trump in a recent interview with Megyn Kelly. It was on her show when he accused her of being obsessed with sex following her constant reporting over Trump’s 2005 leaked Access Hollywood tape where he spoke in vulgarities about a woman.

Reporter David Zublick with the America Talks Radio program posted a video online in which he said that there are rumors that Fox News in New York is axing Megyn Kelly. The rumor also includes the fact that Judge Jeanine Pirro might replace her. He argues that this is due to her plummeting ratings which is related to her “personal vendetta” against Donald Trump.

The vendetta quite possible has to do with Trump’s slew of Twitter and media insults where he called her a bad reporter and insisted her debate performance as a moderator was poor likely because she was, “bleeding from somewhere.”

The most recent argument over Trump was the one with Gingrich. The former speaker accused Fox and Kelly of spending inordinate amounts of time discussing Donald Trump and his personal affairs and controversies. He was upset over their characterization of Trump as a sexual predator. Despite the fact that he believes their should be more attention paid to the controversies of democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Those controversies including Bill Clinton’s accusations of sexual predator behavior, pay to play scheming, the Clinton Foundation and her email server crimes to name a few. He quoted specific numbers of minutes used by networks to dedicate to Trump versus Hillary.

This is clearly a fight that is not ending anytime soon.

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