Fox Panel Explodes In Volcanic Debate Over Black Lives Matter (VIDEO)

A debate over the Black Lives Matter movement erupted into chaos on a Fox News panel. The panel was a diverse group of individuals from radio personalities to community organizers. They all appeared on a “Kelly File” episode.

Their were Black Lives Matter supporters, conservative media commentators, religious leaders, and law enforcement officials. They argued over whether the Black Lives Mayter movement is racist.

Pastor Mark Burns said,

“It seems like black lives don’t really matter until a black life is killed by a white cop.”

Joe Hicks, a previous civil rights leader, pointed out the hypocrisy of the Black Lives Matter movement asking where all the outrage was when a black 9 year old boy was murdered by a black suspect in San Bernandino last week.

Everyone clearly fought to make their voice heard as everyone talked over each other. Kelly herself struggled to even ask questions as the host. One contributer even called for the police force in the country to be disbanded and for them to cease to exist. Which got some jaw dropping reactions, unshockingly.

Lisa Durden said,

“Everyone wants to deflect when we’re getting blown in the heads with bullets, chased down in the streets, choked when we can’t breathe, by saying blacks are killing blacks. All communities murder each other. It’s intra-racial, so don’t try to deflect.”

The fact that nobody can get a word in edgewise speaks for itself. It speaks to why so many people have issues with progressive liberals and Black Lives Matter activists and supporters. Their is no room for discussion or conversation it’s their way or the highway. Their is no place for understanding or try open conversation. Which is the truest form of ignorance, intolerance, and lack of acceptance. Which is what liberals and progressives are supposedly known for.

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