Fox Reporter Makes a Simple Comment About Eric Garner… Then Gets Suspended [PICTURE]


It was a simple comment about the Eric Garner case that was posted to Facebook.

Now, all sorts of controversy has resulted, over a mere opinion.

Erika Reidt is a reporter for Fox Sports Deportes, Fox’s Spanish-language network.

Reidt allegedly took to Facebook – we’ll explain the “allegedly” part later – to express her opinion on a shirt worn by Kobe Bryant in support of Eric Garner. [H/T Inquisitr.]


Apparently, having an opinion that differs from the status quo is the most offensive thing that you can do, and Twitter blew up over the matter.

[email protected], who goes by the charming name of “Heywood Jablomie,” tweeted, “Hey, @FoxDeportes, curious if you were aware your correspondent @ErikaReidt uses social media to victim blame.”

The news was a shock to them – or, at least the backlash was – and Reidt was suspended pending the outcome of an investigation.

For her part, Reidt used the oldest excuse in the social media book – which, from its long and storied history, I’m guessing is a fabrication.

“I want to clarify in regards to the comment about Eric Garner, my account was hacked & apparently that comment was posted without my conset [sic]” Reidt posted to her Twitter.

Ah, yes, the old hacked account story – otherwise known as the “Anthony Weiner Special.”

“I am trying to investigate who posted this horrific comment. I was on a run when this comment was posted and realized that it was posted,” she continued.

“I was raised in the hood and know the struggles our minority communities go through. I pray we become the system and abolish all racism.”

What’s sad is that Reidt needed to apologize in the first place.

Reidt’s comment was neither racist nor demeaning. It was a factual opinion that stated her take on the case. (I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that the “hacker” involved is just as extant as Manti T’eo’s girlfriend or John Kerry’s foreign policy credentials.)

It may not be yours nor mine, but our nation suffers when people are punished for voicing legitimate opinions.

In fact, the only fireable thing in the Erika Reidt debacle would be if she lied about it.

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