SHARIA DAY: France – Water Park To Hold “Burkini” Day, Non-Muslim Swimming Attire Banned


I’ve heard of “adult swim” at the summer camp pool, but “burkini day” takes the cake. Burkini day is when only Muslim women dressed in their garbs can swim. If you’re a male or a woman who is not dressed like a Muslim woman, then you’re not allowed to swim. You may not even be allowed in the facility.


INFO WARS – Speed Water Park near Marseille, a city with a Muslim population of around 25 per cent, is advertising a private women only day to take place on Saturday September 10th.

Visitors to the water the park on this day will be required to wear one piece swimsuits known as “burkinis” or “bath jilbabs” (pictured above) which cover the entire body, including the head.

The Muslim dress code for women is hilarious. I can’t believe people still walk around with sheets over their heads. The KKK did that years ago, except they put cones under their hats to make it look scary. This is not much different, except it’s women, sisters, mothers, etc and they don’t do it to look scary, but instead because they’re scared.

You cannot be a Muslim woman and honestly tell me that you really want to be dressed head to toe in the 100 degree weather at a beach. Nope. I will not ever believe you and I will always think that’s ridiculous.

Imagine wearing your regular clothes in the pool, ocean, or lake and when you exit the water – you’re still soaking wet. But you can towel off and your bathing suit dries fairly quick. Seems like these women sit and soak and that cannot possibly be comfortable.

Muslim women wear the lengthy garments because they believe in dressing subtle and not overexposing themselves. That’s perfectly fine and very well respected. Not everyone has to dress like a Miley Cyrus or manly Beyonce. Women can dress subtle and not look like “they’re asking for it.” A woman who dresses confidently is very attractive.

I think the Muslim woman’s dress code is awful. I think most Muslim women feel the same way, but they’re so scared of their violent husbands that they won’t revolt against the religion and dress in more comfortable clothes.

And the Muslim men are jerks.

For example, if you go to a beach or water park, you’ll see a Muslim man with his hairy chest sticking out, a nice new pair of board shorts, sunglasses, putting on tanning oil, living like a mix between Liberace and that creep who sings Rico Suave.

Then his wife is sitting next to him in a full head to toe garment that looks like she cut a hole in the center of a black table cloth and threw it on her head.

That poor woman is sweating under her breasts so bad while her meddling Muslim husband is having the time of his life. He’s jumping waves in the ocean, catching lobsters with his bare hands, he’s getting a tan that makes Baywatch jealous, and he’s loving life.

But his wife is miserable. Sweaty. Burning up under her black sheet. Hating herself for being born into this archaic and uncivilized religion. Thinking to herself that she’d rather be a homeless meth junkie or a welfare queen, because at least they can wear a comfortable bathing suit and not soak in their own sweat all day.

I think Muslim women need to revolt against the ridiculous dress code they live in. If you’re a beautiful Muslim woman, then you should have confidence and wear whatever you want.

Stop shaming yourself behind those clothes.

Muslim men need to stop oppressing their women and take it as a compliment when someone checks them out.

If a man checks out your woman, that’s a compliment and it means you did a nice job picking a hot lady.

However, if you’re a black girl who is Muslim, then 9/10 times you’re not actually a real Muslim who pays any attention to the religion. You just use it as an excuse not to get dressed or do your hair.

I see too many overweight black women trying to act like they’re Muslim, but they’re really not. We know you’re a fraud because just last Wednesday you were twerking at a club with your booty crack sticking out.

Big booty Judy isn’t a Muslim, she’s a welfare Queen from the Bronx who twerks on Wednesdays.

But that’s none of my business.


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