FRANCE: We are ‘At War With Radical Islam’ (VIDEO)


Everyone talked a lot of crap about the French, but look at them now. They are making America look like a bunch of PC pansies, and rightfully so.

President Obama wont even call the most obvious acts of Islamic terrorism as being part of Islam, or even terrorism. It’s truly a sad day for America.

This will one hundred percent come back to bite us in butt, and maybe then Americans will realize the damage that President Obama and liberals have caused to America.

Here’s what Gerard Araud Frances ambassador to the U.S had to say:

What I want to say is as the French Prime Minister said we are at war and we are at war with radical Islam. It means that right now that Islam and in a sense Muslims, but Islam is breeding radicalism which is quite dangerous for everybody. So I think in the coming weeks or the coming months we have to define the global strategy. The part of the strategy is to work with the Muslim countries, to do that part of the job.”

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