Franklin Graham: Unlike Allah, ‘God Does Not Need To Be Defended’


He makes a great point. If Allah is so great, then why do Islamist feel they have to murder people anytime someone goes against the Quran, sounds like a cult to me. 

(Truth Revolt) Evangelist Franklin Graham continues to use Facebook to send out messages in opposition to the threat of radical Islam on the world. This time, he used the opportunity to post the reason why he believes Christians and Muslims react differently to ridicule and insults.

“Our God does not need to be defended,” Graham wrote on Saturday.

All of the ridicule and lampooning done against Jesus Christ was essentially absorbed as He was beaten and hung on a cross, Graham reasoned. Therefore, he adds, “He needs no man to protect His honor.”

Graham said that on the Day of Judgment, God will have the last word as “all men bow before Him.”

Read the entire post below:


 Graham has recently spoken out against the “cancer” of anti-Semitism brought in by Muslim immigrants and said President Obama is “heavily influenced by Muslims.” Graham has said that though some may criticize his outspokenness, his father Billy Graham, never has. Graham said his father was also critical during his tenure as “America’s pastor.”

Meanwhile, The Huffington Post considers Graham “the worst thing to happen to God in a while.”
—Courtesy of Truth Revolt

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