Frat Bro Told He Couldn’t Fly His M’erican Flag, So He Did This And Got The Last Laugh!


Hey, in Obama’s America, patriotism is frowned upon more and more each day by the liberal cowards that seem to be infecting our nation like a plague.

So if you’re of the rare breed known as the American Patriot well then…you know it’s GO BIG OR GO HOME!

Like this guy…


We have people who are benefiting from the freedom of America yet still, they set fire to her flag, stomp her flag, and wipe their butt with her flag. That will always and forever be part of Obama’s legacy. He will not go down in history as being the first black President of the United States.

No, he will be remembered as the most destructive, divisive, and lawless President in the history of all American Presidents.

However, a picture like this, from a good ‘ol fashioned hard working American? This will be remembered as …. A’MURICA!

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