FRAUD! Michelle Obama’s Mom Will Receive HUGE Taxpayer Funded Pension FOREVER! UNREAL!

You know that hag in the White House who said Donald Trump shakes her to the core while she thinks racist cop-hating booty twerking Beyonce is a good role model? YES! Michelle Obama! That’s her. Well you better sit down and brace yourself for this because it’s coming out of your pockets!

Michelle Obama’s mother is allegedly set to receive a $160,000 pension for taking care of her grandchildren.

This is insanity.



US HERALD – This time with the help of congress who’ve apparently worked out another deal behind closed doors, this one allows Marian Robinson, 79, dubbed “First Grandma” to receive a lifetime 160K GOVERNMENT PENSION…get this, for taking care of her own grandchildren.

The scam was uncovered by documents obtained through the “Freedom of Information Act.”

The pension scam was for “services rendered as full-time/in-home caregiver” for taking care of her granddaughters.

You’re SUPPOSED to take care of your grand kids, what does she want, a cookie? I am 110% supportive of people getting paid a pension because hardworking Americans who earn it, DESERVE IT!

Hardworking Americans getting a pension because they’ve worked for 25+ years deserve their pension and a comfortable retirement. But that’s because they’ve worked for it.

What does Michelle Obama’s momma do? Take care of a few kids? Where did she work? How long? Did she officially retire? Is she getting a pension or retirement from her career, or is she milking the government for funding like a welfare queen?

What’s the truth?

As I was writing this article, I came across another site that said this information is not true. Well guess what – I have no idea if it’s true or not, but I am not against the thought that it could be true. Our government has plenty of silly backhand deals going on that this wouldn’t be much of a surprise.

If it is true, then I wouldn’t be against it if the woman had an actual job in government and worked for her pension – but no one should ever get a pension for doing what they’re supposed to do.

Whether this is real or not, I don’t care because my position on pensions still stands – people who work for them, deserve them.

If this is real, then the joke is on us.

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