FREAKING JACKASS! Look What Obama Just Awarded Himself On His Way Out The Door

If there’s one thing that Obama is good at, it’s making a complete jackass out of himself. He’s also incredibly talented at patting himself on the back, as recently evidenced by his ridiculous assertion that “no terror attacks have been committed on U.S. soil” during his presidency. But now Obama is taking his antics to a whole new level, awarding himself with a special medal as a way to add to his “legacy” before he leaves the White House on January 20.

On Wednesday, the Narcissist-in-Chief decided to pat himself on the back yet again, awarding himself with the Distinguished Public Service Medal, an extremely prestigious award typically presented to people for their exceptional service to the Department of Defense.

While I cannot think of one single freaking thing that Obama has contributed to our military rather than gutting it to pre World War II capabilities and making a complete mockery of our warriors by allowing transgenders to lead infantry units, Obama still apparently feels like he deserves one of our nation’s highest honors.

Jackass-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama receives his self-appointed participation trophy

Obama stood smug with his nose in the air on Wednesday, as Secretary Carter put the medal around his neck during Obama’s presidential farewell, which was held at Conmy Hall, Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall in Virginia.

Perhaps even more hilarious than this jackass awarding himself a participation trophy, was the fact that the only ones in attendance were the Soldiers forced to attend the ceremony as part of their military duties. Quite embarrassingly for Obama, there were nothing but empty seats throughout the stadium, which you know was a huge letdown for Obama’s little ego as he received his self-appointed award.


What a freaking joke this president is. Who freaking awards themselves with medals? Short answer: someone who knows their entire legacy is about to be wiped out, and is frantic to make everyone think he’s special.

Sorry Obama. No matter how many rows of medals you have dangling from your skinny little treasonous chest, he only “accomplishment” you’ll ever truly possess was being able to fool the entire country into electing a domestic terrorist Muslim invader as the president of the United States!

H/T [Breitbart]


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