Free College for All? This Guy Blows his Financial Aid on a Trip to Thailand…

Can you “Feel the Bern”? You will if Sanders is ever president and he sucks your wallet dry to pay the college costs for these entitled liberal millennials. And like this guy, many will use the money for something other than education! America, prepare to get Ripped Off! Actually, vote Republican to stop this ridiculous crap.

Jeff Rainforth

You know how Bernie Sanders has been promising free education for everyone (cause Mike Rowe has blasted him again and again and again) and that school would be cheaper? If it wasn’t for bros like this spending their financial aid on an expensive excuse to get laid with his girlfriend, college could be cheaper… A lot cheaper. Check this out.

When one 22-year-old was awarded $2,500 in financial aid by his school, he didn’t put it toward pricey textbooks, a backpack, or even a new computer for writing papers. Instead, the young man basically said ‘YOLO’ and blew the entire thing on a romantic vacation with his girlfriend.

Brandon, 22, was given the financial aid check by his Los Angeles-area college to use for school supplies, but decided to find the cash for spring semester textbook some other way, instead spending the money ‘like a boss’ on a ten-day trip to Thailand to surprise his girlfriend of a few months.

OK, Brandon, time to pay that money back, with interest! That was my money! And the money of hard working taxpayers! Thief! ~JR

He also brought along a camera to flaunt his spending, putting together a home movie of the couple checking off their bucket list dream of ‘traveling the world with someone you love’.

But I guess as long as they had a great experience and feelings, it’s totes okay.

Here’s the problem with the whole notion of “free” pick your thing in a nutshell encapsulated with a GoPro. If you didn’t earn it, it doesn’t mean that much to you. So this kid, rather than using the money for what it was designed to be used for (education), he decided…nah. I’ll blow this big chunk of cash that was never mine on a great vacation to make memories with my super hot girlfriend. Seriously, check out all these up the butt shots and tell me he’s not just bragging to the world about the hotness?

Now multiply this video times a generation of whiners who are voting for Bernie Sanders in droves. Remember, when Bernie talks about “free college” what he’s really saying is “Screw you taxpayers, I’m buying me some votes from mushy-brained twenty-somethings.” Not that you needed the translation based on the above video.

Money means more to people when they earn it. I’m sad that we’ve fallen so far down the entitlement hole that I needed to even state that…

“For God and Country—Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo……..Geronimo E.K.I.A.” -U.S. Navy SEAL VI

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