Freedom Daily Is Looking For Freelance Writers Who Want to BE HEARD!

Freedom Daily is looking to hire freelance writers who are willing to work hard, follow instructions and meet early morning deadlines. Sound like something you’d be interested in? Great! We have over 1 million Facebook fans and currently reach 7 million viewers each month.

We’re looking for bloggers who can quickly cover the news on a daily level for a very conservative audience. We write conservative content … not liberal, moderate, or anything else. We’re very proud of our consistent conservative content and will never compromise that.


Here are the details for our writers:

  • We pick the topics for you.
  • We write the headlines for you.
  • We pick the sources you’ll link to.
  • You just have to write articles with 250 – 400 words of original content to explain the news story.

Articles take our current writers between 20-30 minutes to do — the longer they spend writing for us daily, the faster and easier each article becomes. Some of our writers can pump out an article in less than 15 minutes, assuming it’s a simple story or update.


  • Freelance Writing Experience. If you’ve never written professionally before, feel free to send us a test article that sounds like something on our website. We’ll judge you on potential rather than just résumé. That said, a strong résumé absolutely helps.


  • You MUST have an amazing command of the written word. If you’re not a good writer, then this isn’t for you.
    You MUST follow deadlines. If you think missing a deadline or two per week isn’t a big deal, then this isn’t for you.
  • You MUST be open to criticism. We run a tight ship, meaning every word you write will be analyzed. If you take things personally, this isn’t for you.
  • You MUST show us some kind of writing as an example. You can write something specifically for us or send us something you’ve already written. We prefer seeing political content.

There are lots of growth opportunities here. If you can write a lot of articles quickly, we’ll find work for you to do, so this is perfect for dedicated writers.

We’d prefer political writing experience in the past.

Are you interested? Email us at [email protected], and we’ll contact you if we could see you joining the Freedom Daily team!

Positions open:

Creative Genius- Photoshop and video editing

Content Writer- Write daily news for Freedom Daily

Social Media Manager- Control social media postings

We deliver meaningful conservative American news that is not your normal agenda based Beltway bull.

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