French Protesters Savagely Beat Police Officer (VIDEO)

Recent video footage from France shows a law enforcement officer being savagely attacked. A man holding the video camera can be heard yelling in French in the background. The police officer continues to walk down the street as smoke fills up the air behind him. He can be seen with a stick in his hand swinging it a few times before a protestor begins attacking him followed by several others. The video ends with at least six noticeable civilians barbarically beating the officer.

The event that took place was an anti government demonstration after new employment legislation was enacted. The primary agitator tried using a metal bar to attack the police officer. The video was posted on Facebook over the weekend and has been viewed by millions. It took place this past week in Nantes, France.

The officer was a 51 year old commander. His injuries included a broken nose and a neck wound that required approximately 15 stitches. A spokesman for the police department made a statement about the attackers, “an 18 year old man has been placed under investigation for attempted murder and faces trial, he admits having knocked the officer down but denies hitting him.”

However, this incident is not the first in a show of violence against law enforcement. Earlier in May a video went viral of a Parisian police car being set on fire and smashed while police officers were still inside. The protests have resulted in the injury of about 350 police officers with 60 civilians being convicted for related offenses.

The Alliance police union has issued a statement in reference to the protests and attacks against law enforcement. “We are outraged by the irresponsible and relentless drive to make out that police officers are savage brutes who beat up youths,” they said.

Demonstrators have accused law enforcement officials of using an inordinate amount of physical violence and force in response to the demonstrations. The government has placed blamed on a “irresponsible minority” of young “troublemakers” attacking the police.

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