French Riot Police Deploy Tear Gas At Calais As Refugees Begin To Throw Rocks At Passing Trucks


From RT

At least six people have been injured in Calais, after French riot police used tear gas to stop men from boarding trucks en-route to the UK. International charities say that conditions at the nearby Jungle refugee camp are at a “crisis point” following weeks of heavy rain.

French media outlets reported that about 800 migrants occupied a bypass leading to the port, and began throwing projectiles at passing trucks, in a bid to slow them down, so they could be mounted. Twitter images have emerged of vehicles with broken windshields, and forcibly opened cargo compartments.

“It’s a war out there and we’re in the middle,” truck driver Jamie Baker told the news website Breitbart.

A unit of the riot police force, now garrisoned in Calais, was dispatched, to cordon off the area, and push back the potential stowaways. Access to the port, which also serves as the entryway into the Eurotunnel, was closed.

As shielded officers pushed the migrants back into the nearby camp, known as the Jungle, which accommodates at least 4,500 people, its inhabitants began to throw rocks. Police responded by lobbing tear gas grenades inside.

“Once again, we can only note that public order was seriously undermined for several hours,” said center-right Calais mayor Natacha Bouchart via Twitter. “If the military can participate in securing our capital, it must also do so for Calais, which is currently experiencing an emergency situation.”

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