French-Speaking Muslim Teen Fighters In Syria Sing In Praise Of Prominent Jihadis, Including Bin Laden, Anwar Awlaki, Jewish Day School Murderer Merah


When will Americans wake up to the reality that these Islamist fascist child molesting thugs want you dead. 

(Pam Gellar) Again, what exactly are these young French Muslims getting wrong? And why did millions of Muslims understand Islam in exactly this same way? And when is the West going to face this terrible fact?

“EXCLUSIVE: French-Speaking Teen Fighters In Raqqa Sing In Praise Of Prominent Jihadis, Including Bin Laden, Awlaki, Merah,” MEMRI, March 14, 2015

In a short video recently circulated, three French-speaking members of the Islamic State (ISIS) —a young man and two much younger boys who appear to be minors, all of them armed with rifles — sing a song in praise of jihad fighters and leaders. According to the caption of the video, one of the boys is Syrian and the other is French, and the film was shot in Raqqa. The video was posted March 3, 2015 on the Facebook page of a French-speaking ISIS activist calling himself “Khalid Sham.”

The video begins with a short message in French delivered by the older fighter, who says: “This little message, this little nasheed, is for the brothers who are infiltrating Paris, may Allah reward you. We send you greetings from the brothers of the Caliphate, of the Levant.”

—Courtesy of Pamela Gellar

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