FRESH OF THE BOAT: Here’s a State-by-State Breakdown of Which Countries America’s Immigrants Are Coming From


From IJReview: According to data recently released by the Department of Homeland Security, nearly 800,000 people were granted citizen status in 2013.

But which states did these immigrants decide to make their home?

MarketWatch compiled the data into this interesting map, and the results are pretty surprising.


As one would expect, the western United States is home to many people from Mexico who have recently been granted citizen status. However, this trend continues into the east, including states such North Carolina and South Carolina.

Folks hailing from the Dominican Republic have made their homes in states like North Dakota and Minnesota.

Immigrants from Canada have chosen the stomping grounds of Senator Bernie Sanders — Vermont.

Former citizens of Iraq have settled down in Michigan.

Here is another chart, which breaks down the data state-by-state, with extra detail given to California, the state boasting the largest number of new citizens.

Image Credit: MarketWatch / Department of Homeland SecurityImage Credit: MarketWatch/Department of Homeland Security

Some more big news that was recently uncovered? More than 1/3 of these new citizens hail from Asia. This number is expected to grow, with analysts predicting the number of Asian citizens outpacing those from Mexico by 2065.

Interestingly, Pew recently released their own map, showing the countries of origin for immigrants in 1910.


Most of the new citizens in 1910 were born in Europe, with several exceptions for Canada and Mexico.


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