‘Full-Blown Cover-Up’ – Mark Levin: ‘I Believe Obama Knew About ISIS For Years’

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Excerpted from Fox News: Radio host Mark Levin tonight on “Hannity” accused President Barack Obama of a “full-blown cover-up” on ISIS.

Levin said that explains why he discussed ISIS with his favorite “60 Minutes” correspondent and why he blamed his intelligence agencies for ISIS intel failures.

“This has nothing to do with the intelligence agencies; it has to do with the intelligence between his ears. And the fact of the matter is he is not paying attention to his job, he’s not attentive to the things a president is supposed to be attentive to ’cause he’s so busy revolutionizing our economy and our government and transforming it, he’s not doing his job,” Levin said.

Levin also charged Obama with knowing about ISIS for years and concealing it from the public.

“I wanna know, did the president of the United States know about the creation, the development of ISIS and this caliphate? I believe he knew about it for years, I believe he knew about it when he was running for office, he concealed it from the American people. We have all kinds of information to indicate this.”

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