FULL INTERVIEW – CIA Interrogator TORCHES Senate Dems, says his life now in danger with report


Dr. James Mitchell, who was involved in the Enhanced Interrogation program, is angry with Democrats over the release of their biased report on Enhanced Interrogations that they call ‘torture’. He is the subject of the report as he was one of the interrogators and he says they have never once asked him anything about his participation in this program. In fact he says what makes him angry is that KSM now has the chance to address the charges against him he doesn’t.

But more than that he says they have put his life and the lives of others in the CIA in jeopardy and recounted to Megyn Kelly that just the other day the police called him and told him to evacuate his home immediately because of a potential threat. He’s never had that happen to him before.

He then said this:

“I don’t mind giving my life for my country but I do mind giving my life for a food fight for political reasons between two groups of people who should be able to work it out like adults”

There are several other parts to this interview that are just as riveting and I will post them as soon as they become available. In those parts Mitchell describes waterboarding Abu Zubaydah and KSM as he was in the room and administering the water.


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