Over the weekend, a Minnesota newspaper published a full-page ad about transgendered athletes competing in high school sports that sparked a massive outrage in the local community.

According to Fox9, the Star Tribune ran the controversial ad that opposes a student athletics policy that would allow transgendered students to compete with the gender they claim to be. The short, but powerful, ad read, “A male wants to shower beside your 14-year-old daughter. Are YOU okay with that?”

The ad was paid for by the Minnesota Child Protection League (MCPL) and urged people to contact the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) to voice their opposition to the new policy.

Autumn Leva, of the Minnesota Family Council, agrees with the MCPL and said that her group shares the same concerns over privacy, locker rooms, and the “fundamental fairness,” which was cited in the draft proposals.

“We segregate teams for a reason — for safety reasons, for privacy reasons,” she said. “Now, you have a biological male to female taking the place of a female student. That becomes really problematic.”

An early draft of the rules by the MSHSL suggested that transgendered athletes should use the same locker room, showers, and toilets; however, it was later revised to the leave decision up to the school and the student. According to Fox9 reports, the current draft outlines a manner in which school officials and parents can assess each student and creates appeals and hearings processes.

The MSHSL said they’re creating a policy to be ahead of the ball when it comes to dealing with trans athletes and is trying to create a framework for dealing with such scenarios.

The policy is set to be reviewed and discussed on Wednesday, and will be put to vote on Thursday.

Do you think that transgendered athletes should be able to compete with whatever gender they’re trying to be?4912701_G


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