FULL Traffic Stop Video That FACEBOOK DELETED Shows Everything You Need to Know About Korryn Gaines…

If someone killed by police in uncertain circumstances is quickly hailed as a martyr by groups like Black Lives Matter, you can pretty much assume they’re guilty.

Such was the case of Korryn Gaines. If you only listened to liberals, you would’ve been told the story of a woman sitting on her couch with her six year old son in arms – who was then shot and killed by police. Her son was injured as well.

Except, that’s not what happened at all. Police arrived to serve an arrest warrant to Gaines. Her boyfriend was also wanted for an assault charge. After no response, her landlord allowed police into her apartment, where she was found on her couch, son in lap, shotgun in hand. She live-streamed the incident, at one point asking her five year old what the police were there for. “There’s here to kill us, he replied.”

After Gaines threatened to kill police if they refused to leave, a SWAT team arrived. Negotiations went on for hours until Gains pointed a shotgun at police – and was then killed.

Gains is what you get when you have a cross between a Black Lives Matter supporter and a sovereign citizen (a group of nutjobs who think they’re except from the law).

This wasn’t her first run in with police. As you can see in this video via Louder With Crowder, she WANTED to be a martyr.

A few things worth noting:

  • She was extremely paranoid and distrusted the police… without cause. Even her child says “He just was being nice!” referring to the policeman who was more than patient with her (6:32).
  • She refused to comply. Multiple times. When the cop asks her to exit the vehicle she says “I will not be getting out…” (10:27)
  • Korryn tells her 6-year-old child to FIGHT the police (7:07).
  • She even states “I promise you: you’re going to have to kill me,”over and over again. Spooky foreshadowing or crazy death wish? (6:59, 9:17) Let’s go with the latter.

Notice how this video only has 58k views? Yeah, that’s because the left is embarrassed by it. You can’t justify this sort of looney behavior. A hashtag won’t make it go away. This 20 minutes alone shows everything you need to know about the crapbucket that was Korryn Gaines. She was brainwashing her child, instilling fear and trauma into him by encouraging him to fear the police. To fight. She ordered him – just a tot – to endanger his own life. There’s a term for that sort of “parenting”… Child abuse.

The silver lining? At least this child can now be raised by a mother that won’t teach him that the world is out to get him.

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