(From Mad World News)As Ebola poses an imminent threat to Americans with recent cases here in the U.S. and the prediction of more in coming days/weeks, the blame game has begun for who’s responsible for the lack of funding for a vaccine. While the left wants to place the responsibility on the right for budget cuts that prevented research, out of control government spending needed to be stifled after it was wasted with reckless abandon on expensive causes that are of no consequence to Americans — unlike a viral outbreak of Ebola.

No Funds For Ebola: 'Origami' Condoms, Poop-Throwing Chimps On The List

U.S. National Institutes of Health blamed tightening federal budgets on Monday for its inability to produce an Ebola vaccine, but a review of its grant-making history in the last 10 years has revealed highly unusual research with allocated funds to more unconventional public health projects.

One such project was for the development of  ‘origami’ condoms designed with Japanese folding paper in mind, which didn’t come cheap at $2.4 million. The research for this clever condom doubled down on controversy after dueling lawsuits were filed in which the designer and his assistant exchanged accusations of fraud and misuse of government funds for trips, cars, and cosmetic surgery.

To make matters more salacious, the product designer is under investigation for flouting research protocols by designating his friends as test subjects and asking them to report back after they tested the product. Surely, his cohorts clamored at the opportunity and would have participated free of charge.

Another romantic notion funded by American taxpayers was to determine if male fruit flies prefer to romance younger females because the girl-flies’ hormone levels drop over time — that was a mere $939,000.

If you ever wondered if more chimpanzees are right-handed or left, the answer to that question came at a cost of $117,000 in U.S. grants. The same group of researchers also spent their working hours — and your tax money — concluding that chimps with the best poop-throwing skills are also the best communicators.

Did you know, or care, that cocaine use ‘enhances’ the sex drive of the Japanese quail? Now you do … $181,000 later.

NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), the subagency that would ordinarily fund vaccine research for Ebola, provided the origami condom designer with the government grant money beginning in 2006. Yet, Dr. Francis Collins, the head doctor of NIH ranted that budget ‘cuts’ were to blame for his agency’s failure to produce a vaccine in time to fend off this year’s Ebola virus epidemic,  according to an interview with the Huffington Post.

Collins can’t blame budget cuts, since NIH funding has nearly doubled since the year 2000, from $17.84 billion to $30.15 this year.

The numbers don’t lie, but liberals do. While some Americans suffer from Ebola and even die as a result of the disease, the left can ponder how creative it is that condoms are now folded in unique ways and poop-slinging chimps are a bigger priority than a vaccine that could have spared their life. Priorities… the progressive, liberal left has them in all the wrong places.

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