During Funeral For OSU Terrorist, Attacker’s Mom Comes Out And Does The UNTHINKABLE…

The Ohio State University attack hit the hearts of many Americans sitting at home. I think is yet another attack by a jihadist terrorist who was radicalized. Either domestically or internationally, it is unknown yet. Ohio stands with many other cities, states and countries that have suffered similar attacks. Brussels, Nice, Paris, Munich, Orlando.

Now the terrorist’s mother has spoken out about her son and what she said is surprising.

Ahmed Ahmen who is the director of the Ibn Taymia Mosque and Islamic Center spoke to reporters while recalling Artan’s mothers statements about her son following his attack and death. Western Journalism reports that Artan’s mother kissed the body of her son before he was laid to rest.

Ahmen told WCMH-TV in Columbus,

She was crying, and said, ‘I love you, my son. I know they kill you for no reason. I asked his mom yesterday, ‘Did you see any change, any kind of change?’ and she said, ‘No, everything was normal, everything was the same.”

Watch the interesting coverage here,

Clearly serious mental dysfunction runs in the family because for her to believe that he was killed for no reason is absolute lunacy. Other media outlets reported that he was shot by a police officer who was close to the scene where the attack took place when Artan’s charged at him with his machete. An eyewitness who witnessed the events from their office window confirmed that scheme of events.

He was killed because he attacks eleven people in broad daylight with a knife and ran his car into a crowd of people in public. To say anothing otherwise to the contrary is a disgrace to the victims of this terrible tragedy. Thankfully nobody was killed, only one was in critical condition while the others remained in stable condition.

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