Gang Of Illegals Try To Kidnap and Kill American Couple


This couple knows how to have fun, for one of their dates they went hunting around the Texas/Mexico border. To their surprise, a group of illegals were stupid enough to try and ambush the pair in their RV. Then, their Hunting guides stepped in to fight off the armed illegal.

While working as a guide on an aoudad hunt in Presidio county Texas, a New Mexico hunting guide was shot in the abdomen, and seriously wounded Friday night. This occurred right after what seems to have been an attempt to kidnap his clients on the Mexico border.


Sadly, the brave guide remains in critical condition in a Texas Hospital. His client was also shot in the arm but is expected to recover.

Per a family source, everyone was in bed preparing for an early hunt, the guides, and cooks inside the house and the clients in the rental RV parked nearby. Walker heard voices outside and went to see what the noises were, he witnessed men with guns attempting to take the RV, he then ran back inside to get help.

Walker and Michael armed themselves to defend and protect the client and to attempt to deter the assailants while the hunter attempted to escape in the RV which was being shot at repeatedly. The vehicle is riddled with bullet holes from the attack and suffered other structural damage.

The attack lasted long enough for Walker to run back to the house and get more ammunition when he was close to the door his sister, saw him get shot and was able to drag him inside the house and away from the gunfire. The women in the lodge were able to get a spotty cell signal and call 911.

The family has been earning a living guiding and outfitting out of the remote ranch for years.

The business has had several run-ins with theft and had been working with the US Border Patrol to apprehend illegal aliens in the area over the last month.

This attack brought a new concern to the family because it was not just an attempt to rob the property. They believe the men intended to kill all the party. The attackers studied out the placement of their men and from there strategically placed themselves around the lodge so they could fire from different areas, ensuring that everyone would die.

The hunting guide, Walker Daugherty, is still in the hospital fighting for his life. He is uninsured. Thanks to Obama’s bad policies on immigration and healthcare this man is stuck in a terrible situation, and could possibly die. If you feel so inclined to make a donation, here is the link:

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