Gang of Thugs Savagely Attack Trump Supporter REGRET IT INSTANTLY!


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Ding Ding Ding!

In this corner we have a dopey looking white guy with a receding hair line that could stop a Louisiana flood. And since he’s white, that means he probably loves Trump.

In the opposite corner, we have four guys who look like illegal immigrants. That’s a shock because Mexicans can usually fit their extended family in a corner.


Round 1. The skinniest Mexo tries a slap, but his basketball shorts begin falling down and the white boy in jeans throws a real punch. Mexican people don’t usually play basketball, so this is clearly a violation of uniform.

Round 2. The wannanbe rapper Mexican dress for a thug version of a white linen party and wearing a hat like he’s Tupac hits the floor hard. He’s going to be sore AND at the laundromat getting the stains of his butt kicking out of those pearly white jean shorts.

Round 3. Now it’s all a blur with a woman yelling F THAT HELL NO and this is where “chaos ensued” and a crazy white guy went into his final form and dropped the rest of the extended Mexican family to the ground. I can’t tell if the person with a pony tail was a man or woman.

Winner by TKO, that white guy who may or may not be a Trump supporter, but clearly the Mexicans in his area don’t like him, but they still couldn’t take him down.

Watch the video.

Web Daily – In this video, four Mexicans attack a man simply because he is a white Donald Trump-supporter. Unfortunately for the gang, however, they quickly learn that they picked the wrong man to mess with.

Before people throw a fit about my overuse of Mexican stereotypes, please understand that stereotypes exist because they are true and they do not mean someone is racist.

There’s nothing wrong with Mexican people. There’s nothing wrong with white people.

There is something wrong with a gang mentality trying to fight a single person. If there’s anything messed up, then it’s THAT.

Racism and jokes are not the same thing.

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