Gary Sinise Just DELIVERED a KNOCKOUT Response To Hillarys Question About God and Guns! WOW!

Hillary Clinton has a reputation for not being a fan of the second amendment. While sometimes she is the others she isn’t. But for now her line is that she wants heavy levels of gun control. She has continuously over the process of her campaign insisted that she wants to limit, restrict and basically infringe on Americans constitutional right to own a gun. But one Hollywood celebrity put her in her place.


So she decided to tweet out a anti-gun message on Twitter. One tweet read,

If Republicans put so much faith in the Hand of God, why do they need guns?”

Gary Sinise, who became famous for playing Lt. Dan in the Hollywood blockbuster Forrest Gump, tweeted back the perfect response.

Because we don’t trust Democrats.”

Statistics show that more gun fire and fire arm deaths happen in urban cities where Democrat’s control the politics or are in locally and federally elected office. Sinise wasn’t going to let Clinton get away with her flagrant dismissal of Christians, gun owners and Republicans. Who make up a large majority of the country.

A writer for the Conservative Tribune said it perfectly,

The point is made and comes through quite clearly — Clinton and many of her fellow Democrats wonder why Republicans “cling” to God and guns while simultaneously working to marginalize, remove and ultimately ban both God and guns from the public sphere.”

As such, GOPers tend not to trust Democrats too much when they figuratively pat them reassuringly on the head and lie about not wanting to do away with the Second Amendment-protected gun rights.

If Democrat’s took a moment to listen to what Relublicans had to say instead of just waiting to say what they wanted to next they might actually understand where they are coming from. But instead they just spew their talking points without the intention of actually fixing the issues and mending fences.

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