Trace Adkins Warned Illegals What Would Happen If They Defy Trump – Now ALL HELL Has Broken Loose

It seems like a no-brainer that illegals would be prosecuted. Just like any crime, if there’s no punishment for it, people won’t quit doing it. Especially if they get lots of money as a subsidy if they stay here illegally and decide they want to live off the taxpayer dime. That concept is somehow still confusing to those who run certain cities in the United States. These mayors and city councils have decided that they want to provide a “sanctuary” for illegals, meaning even when law enforcement finds them they can’t turn them into Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

This is altogether ridiculous because it not only ties the hands of local law enforcement, but it’s a direct contradiction to federal law. I’ll be honest, I’m southern and we’re all about states rights, but harboring a fugitive is harboring a fugitive no matter what sympathetic sounding biblical term you put on it.

And I’m not the only southerner that’s calling BS on these cities and their anti-American policies. Trace Adkins has been speaking out about politics lately and unfortunately, he’s worried that it might be too late for a peaceful end to this critical issue.

“I think they’re going to get into serious trouble when they start messing with sanctuary cities. Those people are gonna raise hell.”

I recently had the honor of speaking with a veteran who served during the Korean war, but not in Korea. He told me that he was stationed on the Mexican border, trying to keep that part of the country safe from criminals. After all, anyone who commits the crime of entering the country illegally is a criminal. He told me that when they were stationed there, each of them was given a booklet telling what they could and couldn’t do. One thing that every citizen was allowed to do, according to that book, was to ask any other citizen to see their identification, at any time.

Back then they seemed to have a handle on it being each citizens responsibility to try and keep the country safe and turn those who were breaking the law into the proper authorities. It’s a dark day in our country when there are cities where even law enforcement can’t enforce the law.

President Trump has been clear from day one that he won’t be allowing this atrocity of legal defiance to continue, and AG Sessions reiterated that sentiment in a press conference recently.

Via Fox News:

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions is reinforcing threats to go after sanctuary cities, warning the administration may withhold federal crime-fighting funds for four places struggling with gun violence.

It is the latest threat made by Sessions in his public campaign to force cooperation between local authorities and federal immigration officials.

The Justice Department sent letters to police departments in Baltimore, Md., Albuquerque, N.M., Stockton and San Bernardino, Calif. telling them if they wanted federal help to root out drug trafficking and gang crime, they’d have to work with federal immigration authorities.

Among other things, the Justice Department said they must give the authorities access to jails and provide advance notice before releasing someone in custody who is wanted on immigration violations.

The four cities targeted had all expressed interest in the DOJ’s new Public Safety Partnership, which enlists federal agents, analysts and technology to help communities find solutions to crime.

‘Based on our review, we have concluded that your jurisdiction has levels of violence that exceed the national average, that your jurisdiction is ready to receive the intensive assistance the Department is prepared to provide, and that your jurisdiction is taking steps to reduce its violent crime,’ the Aug. 3 letter said.

The letter sent by the DOJ to the four prospective cities’ police departments also asks them for proof of their compliance to step up efforts to help detain and deport people in the United States illegally. The deadline is Aug. 18.

Separately last week, Sessions told jurisdictions they need to meet the same conditions or lose out on millions of dollars from a separate program that aims to send grant money to support law enforcement.

The attorney general rolled out the rules as part of his promised crackdown on sanctuary cities.

His threat didn’t sit well with some – prompting a defiant pushback on the request.

Under old rules, cities seeking grant money needed only to show that they weren’t prohibiting local law enforcement from communicating with immigration authorities.

Police use the money for everything from bulletproof vests to body cameras.

Sessions unveiled the policy amid speculation about whether he would retain his job following President Trump’s blistering public criticism for his recusal from the Russia probe. The terse warning from the president seems, for now, to have subsided.”

I appreciate that the AG’s understated charm makes him say things like “frustrate these laws.” Let me translate that for you; these laws are frustrated the way you and I are frustrated when we make it to the bank 10 mins after it closes. In other words, it’s keeping the laws from getting anything done.

That charm isn’t keeping him from laying down the law to our friends in the offending cities though. It’s also not keeping him from telling them what’s going to happen if these cities keep endangering their citizens in this way.

(Source: Fox News)

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