Meet The HATEFUL Gay Couple Who HUNTED DOWN And Harassed Ivanka And Her Children At JFK Airport

Hillary-supporting gay couple boasted about stalking and harassing Ivanka Trump and her children at JFK Airport. The two despicable human beings are Matt Lasner and his husband Dan Goldstein. The two spotted Ivanka and her family arriving at the airport and at least one of them took off after her.

Spreading goodwill and cheer are normally given out this time of year, but mean spirited comments are all these two are handing out. Hate is everywhere in the world, but around Christmas time you’d think mankind would be a little better behaved. Lasner and Goldstein are vile, rude people, there is no room for their behavior. They stalked Ivanka and her family throughout the airport and the persecution continued on the plane.


If these two idiots weren’t dumb enough, messing with the President-elect’s daughter, they raised their level of clue-less-ness by bragging about the harassment on Twitter. They clearly don’t know who they are messing with. Trump could barry then so far deep that they won’t know what end is up.


Since the post about the harassment incident, Lasner deleted his Twitter account. The only smart choice this idiot has made since the incident. These two are not a couple of numb skulls, they are college educated professionals, Lasner is a professor and Goldstein is an attorney. The couple should have known better and had more respect for Ivanka and her family. Lasner and Goldstien should have kept their personal feeling to themselves, But they choose to lose control over their erratic, unstable emotions. Bravo, you two, you’ve made gay-couple of the year! You will regret what you did, count on it. If I was Donald Trump I would put both of them on the no-fly list. This is just another example of liberal thinking. Expecting tolerance from everyone as long as the views are theirs. I apologize to Mrs Trump on behalf of these morons. Thankfully they are the minority.

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