Gay Man Demands Muslim Bakery Make His Wedding Cake – Look What Immediately Happened!

We’ve all heard the horrifying stories of Christian businesses being sued for refusing to comply with customers’ demands that go against their religious views. Many bakeries have been sued and even shut down for refusing service to same sex couples, with gays arguing that this “discrimination” goes against their Constitutional rights. As this controversy continues to be a hot topic in America, would Muslim business owners, who are vehemently against gays, be held to that same strict standard?

Comedian and political pundit Steven Crowder always has fun yanking people’s chains and frequently sets out to expose liberal hypocrisy in the most epic way possible. In the following video, Crowder enters several Muslim-owned bakeries where he poses like a gay customer who wants to order a cake for his and his lover’s “special day.” Watch the hilarity ensue…the Muslim business owners’ face are absolutely priceless!

With liberals constantly teaming up with Muslims, who’s side do you think they’d pick if a Muslim was sued by a gay couple for refusing to bake a cake? I think the very possibility is enough to make liberals’ heads collectively explode!

H/T [Louder With Crowder]

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