HOLY COW! Look At What ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Was Just Caught Dragging Across Private Tarmac!

United States Secretary of Defense Gen. James Mattis was up today before the sun and most Americans, not missing any calls like Hillary Clinton did during the Benghazi attack. When he was told he needed to go, he went without a word, running to an aircraft waiting on a private tarmac where one onlooker happened to catch what was in his hands as he boarded to the plane and snapped a photo in shock of what they saw.

“Mad Dog” isn’t the only nickname that our military’s fearless leader has earned for a reason, he’s also known as “the Warrior Monk” for being tough in character but living a very unassuming life. His physical stature and routine give no indication that he’s as powerful and persuasive as he actually is, which is probably his secret weapon to some extent. However, part of his cover was blown today in an incredible way with what one witness saw him holding as he boarded an 18 1/2 hour flight to South Korea.

Having been described before as “a humble man with very little to be humble about,” according to The Associated Press, Mattis proved just that when he proved that his great success and earned respect hasn’t changed him as he lugged his own luggage to the aircraft. While some may think this is insignificant, the gesture speaks volumes about this man, especially in comparison to our former arrogant leadership.

Carrying his own luggage is something the Secretary of Defense of the greatest nation and military in the world does as a regular practice. He doesn’t feel better than anyone else or expect anyone to do something for him that he can do himself. He’s the picture of a humble leader who doesn’t work for his own gain, his focus is on serving the people and not expecting entitled favors along the way.

Barack Obama couldn’t even hold his own umbrella or put is coffee cup down to salute a soldier. Mattis in the perfect contrast to that, showing that a good leader can be both humble and strong and leads by example which this General does in spades.

h/t: [ConservativeTribune]

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