Gender-confused students at this university can now receive ‘voice FEMINIZATION THERAPY’


From Right Scoop: I am continually shocked and surprised at what is going on at American colleges as they seem to be spearhead of the left’s attempt to completely undermine traditional values and impose their insane vision of utopia.

Here’s the latest from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee – “voice feminization therapy.”

From Campus Reform:

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is offering “voice feminization therapy” for male students claiming to be transgender women.

As part of the university’s “Transitioning at UWM” resource, the university encourages students to utilize “voice feminization therapy for male-to-female transgender clients” offered by the UWM Speech and Language Clinic, which claims to treat “voice disorders in adults and children.” Elsewhere on the UWM website, the university claims voice feminization therapy is a “non-medical option” that allows transgender students to “live their gender identities.”

Michelle Johnson, the Media Content Manager at UWM, told Campus Reform that the school provides the voice feminization therapy “in compliance with nondiscrimination policies established by the university and the American Speech Language Hearing Association.”

The school also offers “gender therapy” for trans students at the UWM Norris Health Center and provides recommendations for students seeking “hormone therapy.”

The university also has over 50 “gender inclusive” restrooms on campus and guarantees students “the right” to use any bathroom they please. Transgender students are encouraged not to “feel limited to using gender inclusive ones alone.” Students using recreation center locker rooms are similarly encouraged to use whichever lockers rooms “align most with their gender identity and comfort levels.”

Johnson told Campus Reform that the university “provides a supportive, inclusive environment in which all students have the opportunity to be successful.” She also noted that the school’s nondiscrimination policy establishes a “safe environment for students regardless of gender identity.” Johnson also said to date, the university has not received any complaints about its bathroom policies.

In addition to its “transitioning” guide, the university website contains a “Coming Out as Transgender Guide” which includes advice for students “coming out” to their own parents or even their own children.

This is where we’re heading – not only do we have to accept transgendered people but we have to cater to their every whim. And if you offer the slightest protestation you’re a bigot worse than Hitler, of course.


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