This General Has a Dire Warning for America About Barack H. Obama


Retired Maj. Gen. Bentley Rayburn may have lost his bid to unseat four-term Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn of Colorado, but not before he had the opportunity to tell America just what worried him about President Barack Obama’s foreign policy.

“What foreign policy?” Rayburn told Right Wing News last June. “I’m not convinced this administration has a foreign policy.”

Rayburn, a 31-year Air Force veteran, did not hold back in his assessment of Obama’s standing in the international community, and his language was colorful.

“Teddy said it, speak softly and carry a big stick,” the general said. “But with this guy (Obama) it’s blather on and don’t carry any stick.”

He even had a prediction about how America’s enemies might be reacting to the president’s incompetence.

“Putin is probably sitting there in his Lazy Boy, shirtless, comfortable knowing that he is playing the American president,” he said.

Thanks for putting that picture in my head, general.

But perhaps the most important points made by Rayburn had to do not with how badly Obama was botching American foreign policy, but with its consequences for the American people.

“Under President Obama our stature in the world has been so badly diminished that it’s putting every American in danger,” he told Right Wing News.

“The only explanation for the blundering decisions of not just Obama, but Hillary and the State Department,” he added, “is that our safety is in the hands of clowns and amateurs.”

But many American voters are focused on domestic issues like unemployment, immigration, and taxation — not that any of those is unimportant.

“People don’t understand the danger being posed to them on a daily basis in foreign policy,” Gen. Rayburn concluded. “It’s something we have to pay attention to every day.”

Unfortunately, Obama has not only greatly increased the danger to Americans with his open border policy, weakening of the U.S. military, and unwillingness to enforce even his own “red lines” à la Syria’s use of chemical weapons.

But he has also decreased the stability of the entire Middle East, including Libya, Israel, Iraq, Iran, and Syria — and other regions, including China and the Ukraine, aren’t looking too great either.

We can only pray that the world can hold itself together for two more years, at which time we might see some common sense returned to the Oval Office.

Courtesy of Conservative Tribune 

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