(Conservative Tribune) While the Islamic State continues to rampage through Iraq, seemingly oblivious to U.S. airstrikes, President Obama and his administration have set their sights on what they think is the greatest threat to our nation.

Are they focused on stopping the spread of the Ebola virus and preventing it from reaching our shores?  Are they focused on securing the border, keeping out illegal immigrants, criminals, terrorists, and deadly diseases?  Are they focused on strengthening the military in the face of a rising China and resurgent Russia?

No, none of those things have been deemed as big a threat to the United States as the one posed by…climate change.

Yes, climate change, or global warming, as it used to be known until word got out that the globe isn’t really warming, has been deemed the biggest threat to the entire universe, and Obama is partnering with the U.N. to bypass Congress and unilaterally impose climate change related regulations inside the U.S.

Retired General Jack Keane spoke briefly about this during an appearance on Fox News recently, where he discussed how the Islamic State was making gains and threatening to move on Baghdad, according to Newsmax.

Keane said it “made no sense” for the Pentagon to release a detailed report on climate change, when they have yet to release a similar report on the Islamic State.  He calls that evidence of the “misguided policies” of the Obama administration.

“I can’t imagine that [report] having much impact on our allies, who are facing an assertive and aggressive China in the Pacific, that we’re going to come help them with climate change. Or, our allies in Eastern Europe facing the threat of [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, that we’re going to come help them with climate change,” he said.

The sad truth is that General Keane is right, and the Obama administration has “misguided priorities.”  It isn’t so much that Obama and his cronies actually believe in climate change, but it is a priority for them because it allows them to grab more and more power and control over businesses and the economy.

In the meantime, while they focus on ways to squander our resources fighting non-existent climate change, they are really waging a “phony war” against the very real Islamic State and placing our troops unnecessarily in harm’s way in a misguided attempt to “fight” the Ebola virus in West Africa.

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