General Mattis IS PISSED At Obama For What He Just Did To Our Troops In The Middle East

James Mattis, our Secretary of defense nominee is not going to be very fond of the current lack of U.S carriers in the Middle East. Obama has just pulled the last one out and there will be no replacement for at least 2 month.

A move that just sent a flying ‘flip’ of the middle finger to Trump.

That’s right, the U.S. currently had NO carrier in the Middle East for the first time since 2007, and that fact has just rocketed our terror alert.

Mattis himself reportedly had ordered two carriers to check on Iran’s behavior in the Persian Gulf during his time serving at the CENTCOM.

“It’s more difficult for me to reassure our friends and deter Iran” without a second carrier, Mattis told the U.S. Senate in 2013.

Now officials at the Pentagon are indicating that they need the carriers to monitor any Iranian attempt to close critical shipping lanes and time is of the essence.

“There’s enough going on in that part of the world that you can see the merit in having a robust presence,” a senior Pentagon official told the LA Times in 2012.

The carrier that is to be the replacement for the USS Eisenhower has been delayed in the shipyard and this has further tightened the Pentagon’s deployment schedule. This shortage does nothing but highlight the readiness issues we are facing due to budget cuts and the 2011 sequestration process that the Obama administration had carried out.

The future does hold promises from Trump that assure military readiness will be a KEY factor of his defense budget and giving the U.S. Navy a well over-due face lift is on his priority list.

He like many of us believe that part of America being great again means… fortifying our country by rebuilding a strong military. In times of war, that is how you prepare for peace…in times of peace, you should still prepare for war. So it works both ways.

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