Retired Lt. General Russell Honore, recently tangled with AC360’s Anderson Cooper.

Best known for leading the military relief efforts in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, Honore blasted the media.

He condemned their sensationalistic coverage of the events in Ferguson, Mo., according toNewsbusters.

Cooper had asked the General if Missouri Governor Jay Nixon’s declaration of a State of Emergency and the mobilization of the National Guard constituted an “escalation of this military-style approach that didn’t work in the first place.”

The General conceded that such a proposition could be the case for some people but felt that the larger part of the problem was the specific spin that the major media outlets were putting on the situation.

“Well, if you’re a poor person in Ferguson…a disadvantaged person that speculates on – what’s gone on in this trial has already been decided – and you have doubt [sic] in your mind – and somebody tells you that they have mobilized the National Guard, then that’s quite possible.

“But I think how they described that to people – that the National Guard there is there to protect people and property. It’s not there to necessarily to focus on a handful of protesters that might get out of control – that they’re there equally to take care and protect the people. And that is the concern I have – that the governor continues to leave it to the media – people like you – to describe to people – the citizens – what’s happening.”

The general makes a good point.

Things in Ferguson have been blown way out of proportion, as activists and the media have descended upon the troubled town, seeking ways to make, shape, and exploit the news that is happening there for their own personal partisan agendas.

Ferguson is a giant pot of water that has been simmering for too long, and it is about to boil over.

The media, with their partisan narrative, are partially responsible for stoking the flames that are burning under that pot.


Courtesy of Conservative Tribune

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