Gentle Giants From Ferguson, Mo. Pulled Their Guns On A 73-Year-Old Senior, He Smoked Them Both With His .44 Magnum

Two thug-a-lugs messed with the wrong senior citizen! Two young fellas tried to rob a 73-year-old man when they waltzed in his garage and put a gun to his head. Little did they know, this guy who gets a discount at the movie theater and cheap meals at diners was also a fast hand on the trigger.

When the thugs put the gun to his head and tried to rob him, the older gent pulled his own firearm and blasted both of the losers who eventually lost their life as a result of their botched robbery.

People must forget that some of our older folks were a lot more hardcore back in the day. They’re often great with guns, may have served their country and been to war, and weren’t a bunch of p*ssies like the millennials.

Back in the day, the people had balls of steel and if you messed with them, then there was a fight. Nowadays, people flail around and protest and run for safe spaces.

Thankfully, the striking old lad was able to protect himself and knock two losers off the map.


Here’s what happened:

SOUTH ST. LOUIS ( – Police have identified two men who were fatally shot by a homeowner they were allegedly attempting to rob Tuesday afternoon.

Jonathan Warren, 18, of Florissant, and Lonnie Middlebrook, 20, of Ferguson, were shot and killed by a homeowner in the 4100 block of Taft, which is a few blocks from the old Bevo Mill Restaurant.

Police said Warren and Middlebrook entered the homeowner’s detached garage and attempted to rob him just before 4 p.m.

One of the suspects held a gun to the homeowner’s head and demanded that he back up, police said. The 73-year-old then grabbed his own gun and, fearing for his safety, fired it at the suspects, according to officials.

Police said the homeowner fired in an act of self-defense, killing both suspects.

The suspects’ guns and the homeowner’s gun were found at the scene. According to police, the gun recovered from Warren was reported stolen on Oct. 30 by the Florissant Police Department.

Mess with the bull, you get the horns.

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