George Bush SHOCKS Family Elders; Endorses Donald Trump!

FINALLY something that makes sense! A Bush that just knows what’s right, and thanks to that our younger generation will be better for it!

Son of former FL Governor Jeb Bush just came out and made an announcement that has shocked many. He supports Donald Trump AGAINST Hillary Clinton.

This Bush just like other common sense thinking voters has come to understand that if Hillary takes the White House, America is finished. Period.

President Barack Obama’s reign of destruction on our country and our military can only get worse under Hillary Clinton’s rule. It’s hard to believe seeing as how Obama has really wreaked havoc on our economy already, but Hillary has nothing good to offer America.

There hasn’t been one thing that has gotten better under Obama’s watch and in most cases they have only gotten worse. The streets of America have become more dangerous than ever, and there has been zero economic growth, despite what government is doing its best to tell the American people.

And now..terrorists are seemingly taking over the western world.

Even more terrifying..

There is an open war on our men and women in blue, created by Obama and supported by Hillary.

From CNN:

Jeb Bush is resolutely #NeverTrump but his son, George P. Bush, no longer is.
George P. Bush, the Texas land commissioner, is breaking with his father, a former Donald Trump Republican primary rival, to back the GOP nominee. George P. Bush’s move comes after a nasty Republican primary battle in which Trump repeatedly mocked Jeb Bush, a former Florida governor, as “low energy,” among other insults.

The Texas Tribune reported Sunday that at a Saturday gathering of Texas Republican activists Bush said it was time to unite behind Trump in his fall campaign against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.
“From Team Bush, it’s a bitter pill to swallow, but you know what? You get back up, and you help the man that won, and you make sure that we stop Hillary Clinton,” Bush said, according to video made by an audience member.

Government very literally has become a nightmare and the American people are either crippled by fear, pissed, or totally unaware of our reality.

In fact, I had a friend just the other day in total shock when I told her what happened in Dallas last month.

Are you kidding me? Are people that out of touch with their responsibility to their country that they don’t care to pay any attention to what is happening with their world? Even though it will eventually have complete impact on their personal lives and the happy bubble they live in?

If there was one thing that could turn the election in our favor…it would be finding a way to reach all those people living in their happy bubble that have no clue what is going on. Wake them up…with the cold hard truth.

We need people to recognize the true enemy here, because it is that enemy that the people have total control of if they could just recognize it.

Wishful thinking?

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