George Clooney Says Trump’s Plan To Build Wall Is NEVER Going To Happen…

Back in May, in his infinite wisdom, George Clooney made a bold prediction: “there’s not going to be a President Donald Trump.”

He was doing nothing more than repeating the conventional wisdom of the time.. and he was just as dead wrong as everyone else. Now with Trump as President we get to listen to the same people who were wrong about everything during the election lecture us on the consequences of the election. As the US Chronicle reported:

In an interview with Esquire, mega-star George Clooney lamented that he was having a difficult time telling the rest of the world that America was not going to ban Muslims from entering the country when all they are being bombarded with is broadcasts of Donald Trump Speeches.

He then stated: “Look, we’re not going to do these things. We’re not going to deport Muslims. We’re not going to build a wall.”

To be honest, I don’t think the Muslim ban is going to be a reality either, but to say that Trump isn’t going to build a border wall? That’s been central to his campaign since day ONE, and it forced the immigration issue into everyone’s campaign.

While liberals are branding the wall as “racist,” is it racist when Mexico enforces their own laws against illegal immigration against central American illegal immigrants? Mexico deports more of them than we do!

Anyway, let’s review Clooney’s prediction: Donald Trump, who he said wouldn’t become President, won’t build the border wall that’s been an issue central to his campaign, even as he continues to tell us all that he will build such a wall… and has a Republican controlled House and Senate to push through the legislation needed to do so.

China could build a wall thousands of years ago that’s a bajillion times longer than our border wall would need to be – and we’re supposed to believe that we can’t? Yeah – right.

How many months until Clooney is proved wrong on this? To boot, I hope Mexico ends up paying for it so he’s twice as wrong.

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