George Clooney Mouths Off To President-Elect Donald Trump – Gets PERFECT Surprise He Never Saw Coming!

Elitist Hollywood liberals have been out in force this week after the Golden Globes gave them a stage to trash President-elect Donald Trump on, rather than just sticking to what they do best — stroking each other’s egos with awards. In what hasn’t stopped since Sunday, Meryl Streep has run her mouth, despite Trump shutting her up by calling her one of the most overrated actresses of all time. However, when George Clooney came to her defense, this pretentious pansy got slapped with a nasty surprise he never saw coming.


Streep’s ridiculous speech against Trump at the awards show riled up all of the other liberal loons in the room to spout off their own seething sentiments about our new leader.

Clooney, who is starring in a new movie about Syrian rebels, was part of this crew. This A-lister has been all for the infiltration of Muslim refugees into America, among other misled liberal ideas, and finally got his ass handed to him when he felt it was his place to weigh in politically and attack Trump.

Responding to Trump who fought Streep back in a scathing retort on Twitter, Clooney said publicly, “Aren’t you supposed to be running the country?” Conservative Post reported. “We have to hope that he can do a decent job, because when the president of the United States fails, really terrible things happen,” Clooney continued, adding, “I think we’re going to be a little unlucky now. I can only hope for the best.”

Unfortunately for Clooney, he should have just stuck to his scripts and playing parts to entertain people in movies because a lot of people didn’t like what he had to say about Trump. Seconds after his shaming tweet of our president-elect got out, he was run over by the Trump train by droves of supporters who didn’t hold back:


Clooney couldn’t do a fraction of the work that Trump already has in the last 45 days before even being sworn in as president, so he’s in no place to criticize this man. It’s time for celebrities to stop feeling like they are somehow “brave” for playing a part and getting paid millions to do it, as has been said about Meryl Streep. There’s nothing heroic about doing a job like that and it’s shameful that they use their large public platforms to further divide the country and perpetuate discontent of our next president.

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