George Clooney’s Muslim Wife Just Shocked Hollywood When She Sided With Trump At The UN!

The world of the Hollywood elite is full of arm chair liberals willing to speak their minds at every chance they get. The A-list celebrities are no different. In fact, they are the worst offenders. George Clooney is one of them. He has denounced President Trump at every chance he gets. But his human rights lawyer wife is another story.

Amal Clooney is a prominent human rights attorney who has advocated for victims of ISIS. She appeared before the United Nations this week to speak on behalf of her clients who had been raped and kidnapped by ISIS. She even paid the President a compliment on the way.

Clooney has worked tirelessly to try and get the United Nations to prosecute high-level ISIS members for crimes against humanity. Despite the fact that they have not thus far. She criticized them for what appears to be their indifferent attitude. She said,

“I am speaking to you, the Iraqi government, and to you, U.N. member states, when I ask: Why? Why has nothing been done?” she said, dramatically adding, “Don’t let ISIS get away with genocide.

The president-elect has said that fighting ISIS is actually a priority. So it may be that there can be progress, and obviously everyone has to respect the outcome of the democratic process here, and we have to hope for the best.”

Her husband has called the President a racist and a xenophobe. But it seems she has taken a far more optimistic approach to the situation. While it is unclear if she actually approves of the President she definitely appears to be willing to work with him to combat this very serious issue.

Regardless whether anyone likes him or not, if he is able to eradicate ISIS off the face of the planet I do not think anyone will disagree. Especially if he is able to work across the aisle to do it.

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