WATCH: George Lopez Makes Good On Promise To Move From US Since Trump Won, Leaves Bitter Message For Trump Supporters…

As we are all aware, there were a good amount of celebrities that took it upon themselves to makes promises to many of us Americans that now they are unwilling to keep.

The promise, that they saw as a threat, that they would leave the county if Donald Trump won the Presidency. Well, he did.

Now what celebrity tools? You’re STILL HERE!?

Well, maybe not all of them…at least not for much longer. It appears, if he is telling the truth and not just faking the funk to save face, that George Lopez is already in ESCROW! Escrow that is, in another country.

Is it Mexico? That would be funny if it wasn’t… what’s wrong with Mexico George?

At least we don’t know yet, he was pretty certain he didn’t want to tell anyone where it was. He claims it’s because he doesn’t want everyone buying up real estate and moving there as well after a year of Trump as President. Why? Because he is certain people will be running from America once they see just how badly Trump fails.

HAH! I for one have full confidence in Trump, a confidence that I haven’t had in a President since President Reagan, and guess what!? When Reagan became President, I was only 1-year old. I grew up during his Presidency, and I remember even as an 8-yr old the feeling of ‘awe’ that came over me when I saw him on t.v. or in the newspapers.

I have that same feeling here and now with President-elect Trump.

They both know how to keep it real, and making others feel safe just seems to come natural to them. Others that actually take a moment to see what they actually stand for.

But George is not paying no mind to any of that. He wants out, and he wants out NOW, or so he says. In fact, he seems really bitter, and yes…pissed off.

Better to be pissed off, than pissed on, I always say.

(Hey, this is an article about a comedian…I had to try and be funny. Failure is a right way of passage to success. My jokes will get better. Besides…wait until you hear George Lopez’s CHEETO joke in the video…you’ll be begging for more of my jokes after that one.)

Anyhow, check out this video of him…he will tell you all about what he thinks of Trump.


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