George W. Bush 9/11 Tribute At Cowboys Game Sends Loud & Clear Message To National Anthem Protesters

I think I am going to open this article up with a well timed…..


George W. Bush schooled the NFL Sunday when he spoke at the official start of the NFL football season. There has been must strife, and anticipation in the week leading up to this moment. People were boycotting the games, others were burning jerseys, and some were tuning in to see who else was going to add their name to the wall of a-holes who disrespect the National Anthem.

Then there are those others that literally have no idea what is going on and they just tuned in to watch football. Those are the people I’d like to … slap silly…lovingly.


It was 9/11, so many of the themes you saw on the field were tributes to the lives lost 15 years ago on September 11, 2001 when we all watched in horror realizing that our Nation was under attack by the enemy.

It was the Dallas Cowboys’ game that former President George W. Bush spoke at with his wife First Lady Laura Bush and with them were two NYPD officers who had been first responders on that fateful day.

Bush posted this to his Facebook page.

“Honored to be with David Norman and Robert Zajac of the New York Police Department today, first responders at Ground Zero fifteen years ago. For many of us, today may feel like any Football Sunday in America.

For David, Robert, first responders, and those who lost loved ones on 9/11, the memories of that dark day are fresh – and so is the pain. Laura and I hold the victims of 9/11 and their families in our hearts, and on this anniversary, we lift them up in our prayers.

May God bless all who mourn, and may He continue to bless and watch over our great land.”

And Laura Bush posted.

Simple words, but powerful.

Some people as expected were not all that happy to hear them…

Of course…there were those that adored our former President as well.

The entire stadium erupted in cheers and the chanting of USA! USA! USA! Even now just thinking about it gives patriotic goosebumps!

Then the National Anthem played…while on other football fields across the nation players and crowds disrespected our country, on this field where Bush stood, our heroes and first responders and fallen Americans of 9/11 were honored.

President George W. Bush also sang along.

Where there is good leadership, there is good morale.

This is living proof.

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