George W. Bush Refused to Leave D.C. Until After Christmas, Called & Visited Troops, This Is Why He’s Loved by Americans


From Conservative Tribune: The differences between President Barack Obama and former President George W. Bush may be best exemplified by how these two bona fide opposites dealt with Christmas.

According to political commentator Joseph Curl, a former reporter for The Washington Times, whereas Obama left for vacation a few days before Christmas, Bush always waited until a few days after Christmas to depart.

Instead both Bush and his wife Laura would first set up shop at Camp David a few days before Christmas for one very pertinent reason.

“So all of us can be with our families on Christmas,” Bush once explained to Curl.

By “our families,” he meant the hundreds of people who constantly swarm around the president, including staff members, Secret Service agents and even the reporters who covered them.

Then, the day after Christmas, when Bush would fly back home, he would also allow the press plane to fly out with him and charge only a measly $100 per family member.

Under Obama, things have changed drastically.

“All that has changed with President Obama,” Curl wrote. “No more press plane, for one. Reporters are on their own — so taking family is, say, $1,000 a pop. Not likely. And this president would never delay his trip to his island getaway. He’s off every year well before Christmas. Hundreds and hundreds head off with him, leaving family behind.”

And there it is. Whereas Bush’s behavior perfectly exemplified the generosity and spirit of Christmas, Barack Hussein Obama’s selfish behavior proves him to be a Scrooge.

George W. Bush was far from a perfect president. But compared to the current occupant of the Oval Office, he’s the ghost of Christmas past, present and future, all rolled into one.



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