Georgia Teacher Tells Her Students That Obama is a Muslim, This is what Happened to Her Right After


From Freedom Post

A teacher in Dublin, Georgia, named Nancy Perry told her students that Obama is a Muslim and that Christians should not support him. The city’s school council (which is part of the US government), has fired her and removed her from the school. According to the report:

A central Georgia middle school teacher will retire at the end of the school year after criticizing President Barack Obama and his supporters in front of students.

The Dublin Courier Herald reported Tuesday that city schools superintendent Chuck Ledbetter announced that Nancy Perry has also been removed from the classroom for the rest of the year. A student’s parents spoke out after hearing that Perry told the class Obama is Muslim and Christians shouldn’t support him.

Perry’s husband is a member of the city’s School Board and attended a parent-teacher conference after the parents complained. Ledbetter says school principals are required to call the superintendent if any board member asks to sit in on parent-teacher meetings. Ledbetter says the district apologizes for the teacher’s husband appearing at the conference.

This is yet another story of Christian persecution in America. And don’t give me the rubbish talk of, “She shouldn’t be using her position to preach political issues.” I have been around the American public school system long enough to know that far-left teachers (who are the majority in public schools) preach some of the most demonic and disgusting views you can imagine. Read More


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